The Vulture beach buggy is something Sylv' and I have always wanted and when we saw this one for sale, as a project, and at a very good price, we decided to buy it as our next project, why not we thought, it's air-cooled, it's even registered as a Vulture so no problems with the MOT man.

Unfortunately, when I sent the documents off to have the name etc changed I didn't think to photocopy the original, now the buggy doesn't have any number plates on it, it's a resto project -bought as such- and the DVLA in their great efficiency has lost the documents and as I can't remember the reg number they can't issue new docs unless I can tell them the reg number, they can't/won't check from the chassis number

Problem being that it's changed hands twice without being reregistered so neither of the 2 previous owners has records of the number. So at this moment in time I'm not very happy about the DVLA. Luckily I've got time, it doesn't look like it will go on the road this year anyway.

   OK, that was written back in the summer ('03),  I've copied it over so that it may stand as a warning to others, the DVLA are trying to get all kit cars off the road. So, on with the story,:-

Right then, after nearly 9 months of arguing we finally, nov '03, got a result, a copy V5, it was important to us not to have to SVA the buggy because it's an original built and registered Vulture.
So, now on with the resto' job, the engine is in the rebuild process, having obtained 1600 barrels, pistons and heads, I thought I might as well give it a full rebuild, bearings the lot, it will then be as good as a new engine.

Next job is to lift the body from the chassis as I have new floor pans to go on, again not 100% required, but whilst the body is off I might as well make everything totally solid, this to include a complete brake rebuild as well.

Once finished it will be given a coat of  POR15 rust preventative treatment on both sides ready to be reunited with the body.

Over the years the body has had several (too many!!!) holes made in it for various reasons, so I decided to repair all the holes no matter what and start fresh with, as such, a complete, as new shell. This will require a fair degree of GRP work, but this is something I'm fully trained in, having repaired Reliant bodies for a living at one time.

Once both chassis and body are done they will be reunited and the body sprayed black prior to the refit etc. All this before, hopefully, the end of april next year, '04, so that I can run it in before the show season starts.

  I will get pics as we go along and update as and when.


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