We came to the conclusion after Le Mans that it was time to start thinking of getting more facilities in our camper. Now the sort of things we were looking for include a shower, toilet, more actual room and the ability to tow our buggy. Few of these are realistically available with a T25, so the time had come to look for something else.  

Initially we were looking towards an LT, but these are commanding too high a price for our budget, so reluctantly at first, we decided to see what was available within a realistic price bracket.

And so we come to our latest acquisition, he's an LDV HiTop conversion with a  2.5 litre diesel engine. The camper conversion gives us all the facilities we require whilst the engine gives us the power we need to be able to tow our buggy, and with diesel being cheaper in France and the better economy travelling is going to be cheaper, although we'll be paying more on the ferries of course, but one should outweigh  the other.

                                                                                                  So we'll be putting Basset on the market and concentrating our time on the buggy at the moment, then a few alterations, any body work needed and a respray  and we'll be on our way again.

                                                                                                                                   Watch this space for news of upgrades and alterations as they happen, some already planned are alarm/immobilizer, central locking, radio/cd multiplayer and reversing sensor.

Basset is now sold, he's gone to a good home down London way, his new owners are a very nice family who were/are very pleased with their new acquisition and will look after him I'm sure, will be  nice to see him at the shows sometimes perhaps. nice to see him at the shows sometime perhaps. 

So now to get on with the work on Basset II, we've managed to acquire a 3 way fridge and a Zig unit for him, we need to find some good doors and a bonnet, [normal LDV rust places] but things are starting to happen.

  Next thing is to strip out the interior {after getting some pictures, for "posterity" of course} and rebuild with new materials etc.

   To be continued.


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