3 meters of half inch box steel

1.2  meters of flat steel bar   30mm X 5mm

Hinges made from flat steel  3 or 4mm thick

4 nuts and bolts

Based on a standard bed 80 inch  X 40 inch.

1.     Box steel cut 4 X 40inch sections and 4 X 18 and weld into two rectangles.

2.     Lay them flat next to each other , with the flat steel imagine the two rectangles joined together via a bolt. My hinges are 4inch along the bottom and 2 inch along the top and 7 inch along the sides ,but it looks like a rhombus ,the sides are at a 45 degree angle. This part is the only tricky part..Imagine my measurements vertical then the top dragged to the left about 5 inch..Drill a hole and place the bolt in the rectangles should be joined without a gap..

3.     Cut the steel bar 6 pieces all 20 inch. 4 pieces drill holes in either end about 10 mill away from the ends.

4.     Move the rectangles into the camper and fit 2 of the bars onto your bolt you have placed on the hinges.the bed has to be level with the back of your camper. With the bars dropped down you can imagine where they need to be attached it is usually about 1 to two inch from the floor. Sometimes you can fit them straight onto the unit .If you cannot the other steel bars have to be used.

5.     With the bed flat get someone to mark where the hole at the bottom should be. One bar will need to be shortened because of the wheel arch. Once you have that hole drill another 4 inch towards the rear of the vehicle.

6.     Get rid of the bed and weld both of the bars onto the vehicle.

7.     The second bar attaches to the back hinge when the bed is in the upright position.

8.     I should have mentioned you need some sort of box/unit under the bed for the bed to sit on when it is a seat.

9.     You need two rectangles of box steel welded to the front underside of the rectangle . The measurement of how deep it should be depends on what size your unit is.But the length has to be around 12 inch so when it is a seat it can be folded under .These pieces help to make the bed level with the rear

10.  Rock and roll beds are ingenious .when its a seat the whole contraption moves forwards and the two small rectangles allow it to convert it to a bed . The trick is to see one work and then these instruction will seem a bit more clearer.


     The main advantage with this you can make any size bed for any vehicle.


Thanks and credit for these instructions go to a friend of ours commonly known on forums as Dandaz. Thanks Mick.