Nice easy way to improve your lighting. If you look at the wiring diagram of the standard wiring of any VW you'll find that the power has to pass through no fewer than 14 connections, 3 switches and a fuse before getting to the bulb, every connection & switch it has to flow through drains a little bit of power [it's to do with resistances]   Now if you could cut out a few of those connections the available power at the bulbs is going to be that much higher,  and so we come to this diagram.

  The left hand drawing s the standard wiring diagram but with the red arrow (A) added to show where you need to cut the wire.  This wire is then used to trigger the switching relay that will do all the work.  You will need to disconnect the wire coming from terminal 56b of the headlamp relay at the fuse box, and the wire marked at B and insulate them,  then all you need do is connect the new relay as per drawing and away you go,  this upgrade also means that as you are no longer putting the supply through switches you can safely upgrade the bulbs to 80 or 90watt main beam bulbs. For 80 or 90watt bulbs you'll want a 20amp fuse at b, if you upgrade to 100watt bulbs {which I must point out are illegal for road use} you'll need a 25amp fuse. Any problems or questions, as always, just mail me, I'm always happy to help, advise or even redraw a diagram for specific requirements.

 The parts can, as usual for me, be obtained from a breakers or new from vehicle wiring products [link to them on the Links Page]  part number for the relay is R20BC (3.13) and if you want to tidy the relay wiring up a terminal block for them is available, same source, part number RS3F (2.02) which includes 3 fuse holders - input from battery, 1 each output to headlamps. 


J -Headlamp dip relay.    S? - Fuses.  L1- LH Headlight unit.  L2 - RH Headlight unit.  K1- Main Beam Warning light