Oradour sur Glane   -   The Martyred Village

 All of these pictures were taken in a small, almost nondescript, town in the south of Mid France called Oradour Sur Glane.  Almost all of the original inhabitants -men, women, children and babies- were "herded" together into certain buildings within the town and systematically "wiped out" by a german SS regt, their "crime" is still unknown to this day.

  The post war French Govt decreed that the town itself should be rebuilt apart from the ruins, which were to be preserved as a memorial to those innocent civilians that were slaughtered that day.

 Anyone wishing to visit the town will find an interesting site and museum and will also get a welcome from the locals, we did for certain and stayed overnight on the car park in the new town centre next to the Tourist office.


  The above show the streets and buildings as they are today, preserved this way deliberately, as they were after that day 10th June 1944.

  These 2 show, on the left the cross and plaque mounted on the church wall, and on the right the cross and memorial to just some of those that died there.

 Here we have Basset parked up to overnight on the car park, the tourist office is off to the left of the first picture.

 If you would like more in depth information about this tragic event then there is a very good informative website in english, link below.

Oradour sur Glane website

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