All the interior fittings, ie cupboards, bed, even the wiring loom, etc, were all custom designed by me and built between us (excepting the front seats, these were built by Ford, originally for a Granada Ghia, but "adapted" to fit) . 
We don't unfortunately, have many pics of the work in progress, only of the, almost, finished product, so they and a few words will have to suffice.
  Firstly the seats, these as I said, were originally from a Granada Ghia, but Sierra (& I believe Mondeo) seats will do as well.
Having got them home, 20 lighter in pocket is all, first thing to do was remove the ford running frames, they're only bolted on so no problems, sling them away, at this stage as the material was grubby I stripped the seats down and Sylv' put the seat covers through the washing machine, when they were clean and dry they were refitted to the seats.

  Now the original seats were removed from the 'van, next and most important, the distance between the runners was accurately measured and

 made a careful note of (at this point it's worth pointing out that I did one seat at a time, this gives the other as a reference) then the seats were stripped down, I only wanted the runners, so the rest was binned, next the brackets that the seat backs are fitted to were cut off and I had the runners ready to fit to the seat. 

With the seat upside down (I know it's obvious but !!!) I then placed the VW runners where the ford ones were, this is where those measurements came in, I had to drill new holes to mount the VW runners on, this had to be done accurately (what's the saying?? measure twice, cut once - or something like that ). Next the runners were bolted to the frame, I had to adapt the spring for the adjuster,  then all that was left was to refit them into the 'van. There you have it, a days work and two very comfortable seats.

  I'll leave the pictures to themselves, there isn't a lot I can say other than the points that 1) the whole interior was designed and built by ourselves, the cupboard latches are from Screwfix if anyone is interested, and 2) all the cupboards were originally
 built in MDF, forget it, one winter and almost every door and work surface warped, and everything was sealed, the lot!!!!!

  So that was it, bite the bullet as they say, rip it all out and rebuild with good quality sealed ply, heavier material, but worth it.

The bed assembly is another matter, didn't fancy a rock and roll setup (I don't think it would've fitted around the heater actually) so some other setup was needed. Now we also wanted storage space under the rear section (specific height between the engine hatch and bed board as well, to take cases of stubbies on our return trips from France to be precise) 
Now then this height meant that the seat and bed were obviously going to be different heights, but how to do it without major engineering works? the first design meant sliding the entire seat base forwards, it worked but meant the seat was rather high. So after much head scratching and a bin full of scrap paper I came up with the existing setup, which is relatively simple to make and erect at bed time (and of course "knock down" in the morning)
Very briefly what it consists of is the backrest is made of 2 pieces of ply that are hinged at the top and then the rearmost piece is hinged to the top of the rear board over the engine area, this means that when pulled out the 2 backrest sections form the remainder of the bed at the same height as the rear section, but when the backrest is "up" the seat is at a more comfortable height, it also means that because of the way it's designed the bed can be as long as you like, within reason of course.
Once extended the end of the bed is supported by two push in legs, with a centre support that is hinged from the backrest section that, with the aid of a piece of guitar string (and yes it was a "G" string too) automatically pulls to an upright position. If you look at the pics you'll see it all much clearer.
 So there you have it, the pics show the process from seat to bed, 4ft wide by 7ft 6in long. The whole process now takes us less than 5 minutes [the bedding travels as a norm on the rear cushion behind the seat and the headrest across the seat fits at the head of the bed for a certain amount of lift to the pillows] and still gives access to the fridge and cooker, as well as standing room for getting undressed/dressed.  If you'd like to see how it all works just look us up at a show sometime.

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