Rustybays  in  France '03

  These are but a few of the pictures taken during this, the first, trip of Rustybay Owners Club members to France for a 2 weeks holiday.  We stayed at Ile d'Offard in Saumur, a site I would recommend to anyone.  Anyway apart from notes as to who, what and where I'll leave the pics to tell their own story.

  1st stop, waiting for Pete -Rustybus - at Tot hill services on the A34 south of Newbury.

 Waiting for the ferry at Portsmouth, the large motorhome behind Basset was also with us.  3 "generations" of Type 2s in a row, Rustybus, Zappa & Basset parked up for the night at Le Havre.

 Kev trying to hide, he's camera shy, unlike Zappa.

 Pete and family at Le Havre.

 Main stop on outward journey, ice cream and LPG stop.

  Basset resting finally on site at Saumur.

 Rustybus,  Zappa and  Chris and Karls van all parked up peacefully.

 Jan nicely settled and resting after her long journey from Spain.  The Rustybus crew,  a handful at all times, the kids got out of hand at times as well!!!

 Zappas crew - Kev & Sue.  Volksvoyeur clan - Clive, Janet, Josie and Jack.

  Christine & Karl.  Steve, Babs & Dave - friends of ours from the Splitscreen Club.

 German couple parked up "with us"  he's a retired engineer from the VW factory at Wolfsburg.  Another german couple on the same site, the bay is a westie with an original untouched immaculate interior.

 Me, just chilling out with a beer.  I'm there somewhere too, underneath Zappa repairing the suspension after a rather disastrous meeting with a French railway level crossing.

 Life at the campsite, the top 4 are of the BBQ night we had, plenty of food, drink and very good company. The other pic is the way that most nights went, everyone "parked" outside one van or the other {we did the rounds} drinking and talking.

  This statue, that stands alongside the main autoroute into Saumur, represents the towns link with the Cadre Noir.  Two pictures of Saumur, and the sky was that colour almost throughout the entire holiday.

 2 pics showing 4 of the vans parked in 1 pitch, shows the size of the pitches.

 The same 4 vans parked outside the site waiting for the return trip home.

 The last sight of the Volksvoyeur clan before they headed for Paris and we to Le Havre.

 Down to 3 of us again, stopped here for lunchbreak on the way up to Le Havre.

The Pont De Normandie -the longest single span suspension bridge in Europe, possibly the world - with the 3 vans prior to the toll booths and Zappa following Basset over the top, Rustybus was there with us as well somewhere.

 This strange looking vehicle looks like a boat on a beetle chassis, not a very good pic, but it was taken through the windscreen.   And last, but most definitely not least, the Rustybay flag.  This flew throughout our stay at Saumur. There's a story behind this picture, ask any of the people on the holiday about it, we laughed for many a day about it.

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