As I am known on those forums I frequent.

Hi, I was born in Chippenham many moons ago and have managed to stumble my way through the various modes of the education system.
My father was a gardener from whom I learned my love of gardening and my mother was a seamstress, who taught me all she could of her profession. I married when I was 20, my 1st son Micheal was born in may, 6 weeks before my 21st. At christmas time I found I was expecting again, when I was 3 months pregnant my husband decided that marriage was too restricting and upped and left. 

I had my second son, Peter, in september and divorced my husband 3 years later On easter monday - 28th march 1978 - I came to what was to be a big turning point in my life ................... I met Keith..............I told him straight -"I'm not looking for anything permanent in a relationship"............HA!!!!!....I married him on 7th october the same year. (I still feel that it's the best move I've ever made and we  have been married 26 years this october (2004).
I've had numerous jobs over the years, but for the past 13 I have been a carer, the last 3 1/2 of these I've also been a warden for sheltered accommodation looking after 31+ residents.
I enjoy painting, fishing, gardening, reading, France and working on Basset (our T25) I love dragons (hence the name) and my favourite writer is Anne McCaffrey, whose series of books on the Dragons of Pern have kept me avidly reading - and rereading- since they 1st found there way into the bookstores in the late '60s.
Pet hates....................housework!!!....... I would rather help Keith stripping engines down than do housework, as Keith will testify.
That's all folks.

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