KEITH        OR        SKORPIO


I'll keep this brief, saves the boredom, just enough to give you an idea about me, that's all.
  Born in Berkshire many years ago [sometimes feels like a very very long time ago] I was grammar school educated [when grammar schools were still an upper level of schooling] leaving there with 5 "O" levels {4 grade 1's & 1 grade 2}  I then went on to study mechanical engineering, ending up with an HNC,  then carried on to study and qualify in auto electrics and panel beating and finally trained as a paint sprayer, so basically, if its got something to do with engines, from 50cc mopeds to marine diesels that you can climb inside,  I'm qualified on it.

I spent a few years [like 18 long years] working for the same company, albeit "working my way up the ladder" to become workshop/branch  manager. Also working part-time in a local Labour club behind the bar, until becoming assistant steward [part-time]. I did both jobs for a while until deciding it was time for a change of scenery and took up a job offer working full time as Club Steward in the Royal British Legion Club in Bracknell {which was quite a prestigious position, as this branch is the county headquarters, with the Club Presidents wife being a personal friend of HRH.}  

When I/we became bored with this (I had said when I left my first job I wasn't going to get stuck in a rut again) we moved to Mid Wales, where we still are.
  After working for 3 different dealerships [Citroen, VW & Honda] I'm now working for a breakdown/recovery operator, we work for all the breakdown "clubs" (AA, RAC, etc.) and whilst it may not be the most taxing job in the world I get to drive around, in my opinion, amongst the finest countryside the UK has to offer and get paid more for doing so than if I work in a dealership using the qualifications/knowledge that I have, rather ironic is it not

My/our next move will, hopefully, be to go and live work in France, to start with in the holiday trade, then who knows?? we have friends over there already who are happy to help us with our plans when we are ready, so this isn't just a pipe dream, it will become a reality, and whilst it will be sad to leave a lot of good friends we have gained through the VW scene, we have to consider ourselves first. And of course wherever we may end up our friends will always be welcome to turn up, park up and have a beer and a good chat. {Mind you that applies even now, there's always beer in the fridge, pop by and say hello}
  That's all for now, thank you for reading,

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