I make no bones about including this page, these 2 are very close friends of ours who we met several years ago when we ventured into their bar - La Gargantua - on Ile d'Offard. The friendship just "happened" and has grown stronger every time we meet. (And that is every time we go to France)
They no longer own the bar and are happier for it, the hours they were doing was ridiculous, 7 o'clock in the morning until often 2 o'clock the following morning, 7 days a week all through the summer.
  They now have a more relaxed lifestyle and are healthier and happier for it, which Sylv' & I are extremely glad to see.
  Anyway, here's a few pics' of them and the house they now live in, some of them are from their wedding which they deliberately arranged for when we would be there so that we could attend, we were very moved by this, I can tell you.
  The only trouble is that every time we meet it gets harder to part.  One day - soon we hope - we'll move to France to live and work, the sooner the better from all our points of view. Unless either of us wins the lottery  of course.

These 4 show different aspects of there current house. The red thing on the gate in the first pic' is a Dragon soft toy that was put on the gate when we first went to this particular house so that we would know which house it was. The large tree in the middle is a walnut tree, and how many of us would like a barn that size in their garden, you could get 2 vans in there with room to spare.

The left hand pic was taken inside the Maires Office where the wedding itself took place, the right hand one shows Yvelise waving the "marriage certificate" - she's got him at last.

And this trio was taken on the banks of the Loire after the ceremony, the top pic is one that they both really liked when they were first shown all the pictures, that's why I've made a point of including it here.

  The picture above, not as good a pic as I'd like, shows Yvelise, Fabrice an Yvelises family, the pregnant girl, Alexandra, has since given birth to a healthy  boy -Arsene.

I certainly have no compunction about  > including this pic'. This is a photo of an oil painting done by Yvelise, unfortunately the photo doesn't do the original justice, if you'd like to see the full size photo then click on the pic'  it will take a while to download but is, in my opinion, well worth the wait.

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